Many styles of “AI-ZOME (indigo dyeing)” are in this country, and many products are named ”Al-ZOME” easily. But actually, there are very few genuine articles. Keeping a traditional method faithfully, and hand made by real old-school style Craftsman. That's ”HON-AI-ZOME” !

Above all, as for this indigo dyeing of Awa (Tokushima), it has been treated a special from the high quality, They called ”HON-AI” for Awa's Indigo, And ”JI-AI” for other local product. “AI” is lndigo Dyeing, and ”HON” means such as Genuine, Real, or Orthodox. and ”JI” means such as Others, Local, Follower.

“HON-AI” 's bright and deep color is very beautiful. it was very expensive and rare. So it had Scarcity value, and treated as status symbol of “SAMURAI”.

Our “ HON-AI-ZOME T-SHIRT KOKOROZASHI BLUE ”are Keeping a traditional method faithfully, and hand made by real old-school style Craftsman.

Using Ancient style dyeing ”SUKUMO” ( Mature Fermented indigo leaf ) made by AKITO SATO who is National Indigo Dyeing Living Treasure “19th AI-SHI” ( Dyeing Maestro ) at SATO AWA AI FACTORY (TOKUSHIMA).

He continue handed down method from Edo-piriod, are called ”HON-AI-ZOME by using TENNEN-AKU-HAKKOU-DATE (Nature Lye Fermentation based Dyeing)”.

We promise not to compromise at all in all processes of Dyeing.

Effects of “HON-AI-ZOME” (Natural Indigo Dyeing)

Our natural indigo plants have many good effect, such as antibacterial, insect repellent, prevention deodorization, heat retaining, moisture retention, ultraviolet shielding, prevention and mitigation of atopic dermatitis.Even It is secure to lick it, So you can use it for your Baby's clothes.Chemical Free, and All Natural.

Particular About Styles / Body

The body of ”KOKOROZASHI BLUE” is tough but comfort heavy weight body, which endure in any environment. Use original double-stitch sewing for prevent getting out of shape, so it keeps fresh stylish Silhouette of own. We coviction so that is recieved with pleasure, regardless of age, sex, or styles. That is “HON-AI-ZOME T-SHIRT KOKOROZASHI BLUE” !!

本藍染Tシャツ  空藍


Blue of a fine weather sky.

PRICE:6,800 yen(Without Tax)
本藍染Tシャツ  露草藍


Spiderwort Blue, Language of flower is Respect.

PRICE:7,800 yen(Without Tax)
本藍染Tシャツ  瑠璃藍


A color of Lapis lazuli. It is Deep, Calm, and Clear.

PRICE:8,900 yen(Without Tax)
本藍染Tシャツ  藍紺


INDIGO DARK BLUE」 A color of the beautiful Sea, AWA. Where is the home of AI-ZOME,

PRICE:10,800 yen(Without Tax)
本藍染Tシャツ  濃藍


DEEP INDIGO BLUE」Most popular Japanese traditional color. It was buzzing at Edo-Priod.

PRICE:13,800 yen(Without Tax)
本藍染Tシャツ  上紺藍


「GENUINE DARK INDIGO」Gem of the legitimate indigo product. Genuine Japan Blue.

PRICE:14,800 yen(Without Tax)
本藍染Tシャツ  上紺藍


Towel cloth Knitcap by 「上紺藍」JOKON-AI

PRICE:8,500 yen(Without Tax)